Wedding Photographers Melbourne Photo Album and Storyboard Design Service.

Wedding Photographers Melbourne can offer you a design and presentation service for your wedding photos- even if we did not shoot your wedding! As long as you have your files (images) on DVD or CDs, there are a number of interesting presentations we can create for you.

We can offer you the following creative and artistic wedding album designs and photo presentation, with which to display your wedding photography:

  • Panoramic Wedding Photo Storyboards – invented and designed by us- not on the website to prevent those without imagination and creativity from copying them!

    Wedding Photography Storyboards have been copied and imitated in all possible ways since introduced by us a long time ago. Recently we designed a new style of storyboard, in an eye catching panoramic format, featuring an exciting panorama collage as the main central image, with a collection of smaller images around the perimeter. This eye-catching wedding photography story board design is unique- no other photographer has one like it, and it wins the heart of everybody who comes in and sees one in our studio!

  • Digital magazine style wedding albums.
    These are albums with edge to edge artwork on every page. Created from high quality digital originals, a well designed digital magazine style album is a showpiece for all time. Definitely “top of the line” for the bride who wants the best. For outstanding digital magazine style album design, we need your original high dynamic range Camera Raw files, the real digital negatives.
  • Designer Albums- bevel cut wedding albums, matted wedding albums and combination wedding albums.
    Albums in this category are those which have the photographs mounted within windows on the page. The windows might have a colored bevel border around the photo- hence the term bevel cut. Albums which are known as matted albums, do not have mats thick enough to make a bevel cut. Combination albums have some pages the same as digital magazine style albums, (edge to edge artwork) with the remaining pages being either bevel cut or matted.
  • Wedding Photo Storyboards.  These are a showpiece- unique to our studio.
    Wedding Photo Storyboards are 82 cm square, framed with a large photo in the centre, and 24 photos around the perimeter. Each photograph is set within its own bevel cut window- the mat is black, with a white core giving the appearance of a thin white border around each photograph. The central photograph is approximately 32cm x 40cm, and the smaller perimeter photos are credit card sized.   
  • Multimedia presentations- Wedding Photo slideshows on DVD- with music.
    Your Wedding Photos can be set to a professional quality slideshow presentation on DVD, which will play in any DVD player. Slideshows can be made with custom menus, or set to auto play, eliminating the need for fiddly buttons and navigation. Wedding Photo slideshows are a great way to share your day with family and friends who may not have ben able to make it to your wedding, they are highly portable, and don’t go for hours, like a wedding video.

Next steps from here:  

Give us a call- wedding album design and layout is something we can only give you a quote on in person, or at the very least, after seeing the complete collection of images you have, so we can assess their visual merits and digital file quality. We use images in different ways in our album designs. Certain styles of wedding photo lend themselves to creative application better than others. You might have wedding photos that seem a bit ordinary, with great design they could make an attractive presentation.