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Budget Wedding Photography in Melbourne

We’re delighted to present budget wedding photography in Melbourne. Our work is ideally matched to bridal couples who place a value on their images, and understand that photography is not a staple commodity just because there are a lot of people doing it.

If you have been searching for affordable wedding photography packages but dread the look of images shot by an amateur or startup, then consider our work.

Professional wedding photos are created by people who realise the importance of showing you at your best. Our technique and experience is second-to-none.

We have been providing awesome photography to wedding clients in Melbourne for over 30 years- so we’ve got the experience that only three decades can provide. This experience can’t be bought, generated from social media, or guessed. To really be a wedding photographer, one must photograph weddings on great days, lousy weather days, and when things run horribly behind time. In all of these instances, the photos must be made, even when someone is trying to derail the attention of the wedding couple, or pushing their own agenda into the photography space.

What does this mean to you, the customer?

  • We know exactly how to make you look your best- no matter what the conditions, lighting or weather
  • We make and control the light we need in any conditions or weather
  • With an artistic background in photography spanning more than three decades, we can shoot anywhere and capture some stunning pictures for you
  • We know what to do- we take charge and make it happen, not hide behind the weakness of “capturing natural images” then presenting excuses later
  • We understand digital imaging science- we know what will work and what won’t- and we bring the elements together effectively and quickly, every time
  • We’ll make the important decisions in a heartbeat- in fact we make dozens of them every minute as we shoot weddings
  • We take responsibility for your images- we file them for all-time in secure fireproof vaults

Save More Money on Wedding Photos!

Arrange for photo booth hire and use green screens to bring another dimension to your photos. Save more money on photography- use a beauty mirror photo booth hire provider, to capture impromptu portaits of family, guests and bridal party at their best- or not- during your reception! Remove the stigma of behaving for the professional’s camera, with a people-friendly photo booth.

You can find inspiration and stylish wedding photography throughout our web site. We feature selected galleries of real Melbourne weddings and showcase some examples of the particular style of work we offer.

Our Melbourne wedding photo galleries page will help you choose photogenic locations which might suit your wedding day. Keep costs down- transport yourself to any location of your choosing.
Sppeaking of great wedding photo locations in Melbourne: How about a private cruise on a luxury yacht, and being photographed against the magnificent city skyline from angles never seen by conventional land-based photographers? If this sounds appealing- head on over to Yarra River Cruises for a unique opportunity to hire a privately skippered luxury yacht. It’s also a great idea for wet weather photography locations in Melbourne.

Budget Wedding Photography Packages Melbourne

We offer a range of the best wedding photography packages designed and configured to save you money. The smaller, value packed packages have been designed for people who are searching for a simple photographic coverage of only two or three hours. If this is what you need, then check our wedding photography packages to find the best prices for 2019 and 2020 weddings.

Our value-packed wedding photography packages provide you with all the essentials you need to preserve the fun of your day through the medium of pictures, with an excellent framework for designing an album and wall mounted presentations later.

Of course you can build on or expand any of our packages to give you exactly the amount of photographic coverage you need. You might want reception coverage, night shot wedding photography, wedding photo storyboards or one of our albums from an exciting range.

Here’s what’s included with all our budget wedding photography packages:

  • unlimited photographs taken during the time you have booked us for
  • all Camera RAW digital negatives on DVD
  • a set of print optimised photo files on DVD which you can print anywhere, at virtually any size

These inclusions are all the essentials- and we’ll also keep a backup of your wedding photos in our archives if you request us to, this is at no extra charge.

If you love to browse images of weddings, and you’re looking for more related material to peruse, please take a look at some of our work featured on the romance-inspired wedding photography melbourne showcase website, which has an impressive range of real weddings throughout the galleries. You’ll see examples of artwork and styles we have used in enhancing images for album presentation, as well some of the different range of photography styles we use when shooting our pictures.

Book your budget wedding photography with us today. The holding deposit, until 48 hours prior to the wedding is only one hundred dollars.