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So how do you make your wedding day as stress free and smooth flowing as possible?
Remember- problems are avoidable- planning a day six, twelve or eighteen months in advance means it should be drama free- if you have followed some basic commonsense guidelines.

Remember your most precious resource on the wedding day is time!

Things on the wedding day are plagued with interruptions to your time- and this costs you time later- can cost you valuable photography time! As you plan the timing of hair and makeup, keep in mind it will "really" take 20% longer than what your people suggest. Allow for this, ensure that the bride is prepared first- not towards the end- that way the bride is ready for photos, and others can be introduced later. Insist on this with your makeup person.

Weddings don't ever take as little time as the celebrant says! Their estimates are not inclusive of time signing the register, or final presentation to the guests, of the happy couple. Allow an eextra 10-15 minutes for this, and remember you will spend 30 minutes or so congratulating and having family pix done, before you start your photography session.

Every couple, without exception, tells us later that the day absolutely "flies" and that they wish they had more time to kick back and just enjoy it. Don't run things too tight, allow room for spontanaiety. A wedding starting at 1pm and reception at 6 pm doesn't mean "what are the guests going to do for 5 hours?"- A church ceremony will take anything up to an hour; congratulations and family photos 30 minutes again, some shots of you outside the church prior to departure another 15 minutes again. The trip to the reception may take anything up to 45 minutes or an hour- and suddenly the "break" is reduced.
Your guests will keep themselves busy- don't despair! They mingle with each other; catch up with people they haven't seen for years, go for a coffee or drink somewhere- they'll be fine- because they know in advance that the plan has been set.

Ideally, you should allow 60-90 minutes of shooting on location, not counting drive time- between ceremony and reception.

All our packages include unlimited shooting time and locations between ceremony and reception, so if you want more time and locations- just have them! It's fine with us!

Drive time will be longer than you expect- wedding cars travel slower because the ribbons impair driver vision slightly, and the bride doesn't wear a seatbelt- so trips will take longer than the "trial run" in your own car did.

If you're considering having a family member or friend do the driving for you on the day, please make them aware of this. Professional hire - car drivers make a big difference- they have participated in many weddings- and have the two most important ingredients of a good wedding car driver-  thorough knowledge of procedures- where to park at the church so your entry into the ceremony is as smooth as possible; and impartiality- which means they stay with the car- and are totally committed to the job at hand!

More information sources for wedding day planning tips:

Bridal expos, bridal fairs wedding planning information nights can be an excellent source of wedding planing hints, wedding tips and ideas- the earlier in the wedding planning process you visit these and gather your information, the smoother any changes will be. Professionals are there to help you- wedding planners, wedding coordinators take the worry out of the details, leaving you free to enjoy the day, with maximum fun!

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