Wedding Photography

Stunning wedding photos from a professional wedding photographer in Melbourne will bring your wedding day to life in the years ahead. Experience the best wedding photographer. See how an artisan’s vision and appreciation of chiaroscuro photographic technique blend beautifully with narrative storytelling and an intuitive interpretation of your wedding day.

Have your Melbourne wedding photographed expertly, using any location or venue to maximum potential. We present examples of wedding photography to help you understand our style.

I’m a wedding photographer in Melbourne, and it’s been a privilege to share in so many weddings and create such beautiful memorable images for my clients.

Enjoy wedding photography made in a style that’s been imitated often- surely the highest form of flattery!

Fun, arty, natural and engaging images of the bride and groom on the wedding day.
Photography is available for:

  • Bride at home or hotel before the wedding
  • Groom at home or at venue before the wedding
  • Wedding ceremony- any location, anywhere, at any time
  • Wedding photography post-ceremony, limited only by time and nature
  • Photography at the wedding reception, from simple mock shots, to all-night coverage

Budget Wedding Photography Packages

We have developed some great packages- ask today, about our super-affordable range. There is a great starter package is for people who would like high to own their resolution digital negative files which are not watermarked or copy protected. These wedding photos are loaded to USB, and can be printed anywhere to 2 meters in length. They retain outstanding detail when enlarged to this size. Our wedding photography workflow retains all image integrity- detail is preserved, and you look fantastic. The starter package is complete- you can have photography after the ceremony included, which allows for location shooting or remaining at the venue, if your ceremony is at a reception centre.

Wedding Photography Melbourne with Budget Prices for Cost Conscious Brides

We know what expense a wedding can generate, so we have prepared some attractive melbourne wedding photography packages, with one that’s sure to appeal to you. To help you afford great photography without having to pay lots of money for it, we have developed an affordable range of options. With our special intro package complete with edited, super high resolution photos- as well as original camera raw negative format files on DVD, you won’t get better value anywhere. You are able to have prints made from the photos on DVD, they will enlarge comfortably to 2 meters in length. They don’t have a watermark on them, nor does the DVD have “copy control”. Our experience in shooting under all types of conditions is extensive; undeterred by the elements or the weather, we will bring those shots home for you no matter what the conditions. If you’re worried about rain, then don’t be. Rain on your wedding day can yield some beautiful images. Read about our experience and wedding photography throughout Melbourne and in some of Australia’s most beautiful wedding locations on the about us page of this website.

Wedding Photography Galleries of Melbourne Weddings

See our popular galleries featuring wedding photos at Melbourne’s hottest photo locations, and some of Melbourne’s better reception venues. The wedding photography gallery index page lists the galleries by reception venue name and photography location, and will help you plan your wedding day photography.

We’ve just uploaded some images from a recent wedding to this wedding gallery which has some church photos and pre-wedding shots. Our wedding photography takes advantage of location- we show the surroundings and venue as part of the story that our wedding photography tells- with our stunning location lighting, you’ll look like a star- perfect, radiant and flawless!

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