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Melbourne's Best Wedding Suppliers

Do take a look at our recommended suppliers; they are here because they are GOOD- and we stand behind them. We decline 3 requests per week from others wanting to be on this page. We are tough judges- but it means you can book these people with confidence.

It's important for you as a bride or groom to know that many reception venues only recommend suppliers because of commissions or kickbacks, not because those people are the best at what they do. This is very common throughout the wedding industry in Melbourne, and it's a serious violation of the trust you place in the venue, as one of their customers.

It's a difficult thing to select the best people to create your perfect wedding. Even if you follow recommendations from a friend or blog somewhere, most likely the opinions you get- be they good, bad or indifferent- refer to an isolated instance. This type of conjecture is hardly solid enough to base such an important decision upon.

One piece of advice you should take seriously is to only deal with someone who runs their business as a full-time operation, and not a hobby operator or part-timer working from home. The reason is that the non-full-timer's time and attention is divided, between their real employer and your wedding, so you will never have their full commitment because they do not depend on delivering their service to your satisfaction for their real income. Almost all the problems we witness as wedding photographers, are brought on by wedding hobbyists, the part-timers.

We've seen it all- from DJs who can't make the music happen, to videographers who don't turn up to the wedding. Car drivers with broken down cars and no replacement, to "non delivery" of wedding cake and wedding flowers.

None of these scenarios make for a happy bride to photograph.


The only celebrant we recommend. Civil Marriage Celebrant- beautiful ceremonies, celebrating life The new celebrants- those inducted since 2000- don't have the style or finesse of the more thoroughly trained celebrants.

Ceremony Locations- interesting and highly recommended places to have your wedding.

Magnificent Australian Bushland, with chapel to seat 120. Receptions onsite!

Go back in time- to relive the romance of yesteryear

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