Wedding Photography for Puffing Billy Weddings at the Railway, on the Locomotive and Night Train.
Fantastic night images of your wedding reception at Nobelius Siding Packing Shed.

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Photography Specials for Puffing Billy Weddings

We have some awesome wedding photography specials, for people celebrating a wedding or wedding reception with Puffing Billy. We're the most experienced Puffing Billy wedding photographers in Melbourne, and pride ourselves on being able to deliver stunning, unique images with a creative and artistic flair.
Enjoy extended wedding photography coverage, including photos at your ceremony, pictures around the station at Belgrave, as well as the Menzies Creek stop, for just $890!
Ask about photography of your wedding reception at Nobelius included at no extra charge. This means for just $890 you could have photography at your wedding, an unlimited number of Puffing Billy locations and stops as the plan for your wedding day allows- and also some night shots with the gorgeous lighting from another era, at the "Packing Shed", located at the Nobelius Siding in Emerald.

We hope these Puffing Billy wedding photos will inspire you- puffing billy weddings can be a complete experience- if you choose to have your reception with Puffing Billy, you board and ride the magnificent first class carriages from the "Puffing Billy" platform at Belgrave Station to the "Packing Shed", at Nobelius siding in Emerald. All your guests travel with you on Puffing Billy to Nobelius siding, and return to Belgrave just before midnight, with a glorious finish to a memorable night. See more wedding photography on our Melbourne wedding photographers site, and read about exciting photography venues and locations which you can use in conjunction with your Puffing Billy Wedding.

Enjoy the pictures- for more information on Puffing Bily Weddings, contact the railway directly, on (03) 9757 0703.

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You are here Home > Puffing Billy

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