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Wedding Photography

Our wedding photography is ideal for you if you are searching for the best wedding photography package for under $2000. We provide an interesteing mix of lively candid photography, romantic storybook photos, as well as narrative images of weddings in Melbourne.
Are you after some unusual, comment-worthy photography of your wedding? Perhaps you're looking in earnest, for the best wedding photographers in Melbourne.
We can give you some amazing location photography, to produce artistic images worthy of display in your home.

Together with you, we can sit and plan some post-ceremony photography options that will reflect your style.

Our Melbourne photographers have photographed weddings in almost every venue within Melbourne and suburbs- after all we're probably one of the longest running studios in Melbourne right now. We bring an unmatched breadth of experience in wedding photography to your special day, and whatever nature throws at us in this city renowned for wildly unpredictable weather- we'll get those important shots for you.

Wedding Photography is More Than "Click"

There's a lot more to taking photos at someone's wedding than just rolling up and taking natural pictures. Great moments rarely happen in perfect lighting and in front of beautifully composed backgrounds. A good professional photographer can guide you into scenes and events without making it obvious, so the resulting pictures look as though they have been taken by a professional, not someone who was a guest, snapping randomly.

Professional wedding photographers consider the aesthetics of an image, and endeavour to guide events so that they happen in pleasing surroundings and with backgrounds that add to the photo, not detract from it.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, there is a lot more to a photographer than the equipment he or she owns.

Wedding photography demands a level of precision from the person holding the camera that is unmatched in most other professions. This is one event where you cannot replay double takes until the pictures are right. Our Melbourne wedding photographers have photographed weddings of all custom, tradition and creed- and know exactly where to be to capture those all important memories for you.

Here's what's included with all our wedding photography packages:

  • unlimited photographs taken during the time you have booked us for
  • all Camera RAW digital negatives on DVD
  • a set of print optimised photo files on DVD which you can print anywhere

These inclusions are all the essentials- and we'll also keep a backup of your wedding photos in our archives if you request us to, this is at no extra charge.

If you love to browse images of weddings, and you're looking for more related material to peruse, please take a look at some of our work featured on the romance-inspired wedding photography melbourne showcase website, which has an impressive range of real weddings throughout the galleries. You'll see examples of artwork and styles we have used in enhancing images for album presentation, as well as a range of photography styles we use when shooting our pictures.

For something different - wedding photography that is a little artsy - be sure to check out the Wedding Photographers Melbourne Website for more Artistic Melbourne Wedding Photos, in some of Melbourne's most photogenic locations!