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Our wedding photography will bring your day to life, with images that have the hallmark of having been created by a professional photographer.
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Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

Wedding Photography Melbourne information is presented here to help you understand different styles of photography- how to select a photographer- and get the best shots on your wedding day, as well as helpful tips and ideas to help you in planning your perfect day.

A digital wedding album, often referred to as a "magazine album", or "coffee table album" because the pages have edge to edge images and graphics similar in layout to magazine pages- appears in the slideshow below. To start the presentation, press the middle button twice, and use the controler buttons to jump pages, pause or restart - to see the show again.

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Choosing the Right Photographer

So what's the one most important thing in a photographer, that will ensure outstanding images on the day?

Vision- the perception of the subject by the photographer, and being able to "get" that perception into the final photographic image!

This is the one single thing that seperates the good from the bad. Not the jokes, personalities or other things.
The way the photographer reads and interprets light, emotion, form and design- this represents only part of their vision- having the level of technical expertise to commit that image perfectly to the camera in a space far smaller than the gap between two heartbeats is another "must have".

Look for imagination- shots that are a little different from the conventional- this shows you that the photographer is not afraid to try something new- and is competent in their technique to produce the results you expect, with confidence every time!

Choose a photographer who has the ability to make outstanding images where others wouldn't even contemplate it. If looking at shots from the same location by different photographers, look for a style that stands out!
At the studio look for something exciting in presentation- photographs with impact- album designs which are unique- which show a creative flair- you will be looking at the work (your own photographs) long after everything else is paid for and forgotten. Shopping for cheap wedding photography could be the worse money you'll ever save- cheap wedding photographers compromise too much on equipment and resources, and your wedding day just isn't worth the risk! Cheap is never good- and good is never cheap! The common law of business practice sees to that!

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