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Website Design, SEO and Commercial Web Photography

We are in a unique position to be able to provide a complete digital package for your business or personal website. We can create a unique set of styled images that reflect who you are.

If you manufacture a product or provide a service, we can put that forward in the best light. Great images encourage visitors to look further into the website, and provide visual interest- after all- a picture says a thousand words!

As we develop your website, we'll optimize it thoroughly in the coding phase, to bring you the best organic search results placement opportunity, right from the start.

There is an advantage in being seen on the front page of organic search- in particular up there in the top 5 results.

Great photography on an eye-catching, engaging website design... and prominent visibility in search.

You'll never have to pay for Adwords if you run your online presence properly.

Three important pieces of the digital puzzle- get them right, and you're half way there. Let's take a look at them in more detail.

Search Engine Optimisation - Getting Found on Google for the Right Terms

There are two main areas of screen real estate within the results a search engine delivers to you after you type in your queary and hit "search".

The area at the top is for paid advertising- and beneath the paid listings are the organic search results. When you are searching in Google, which results do you generally click- the paid ads- or the organic returns?

Most people will follow organic links before paid ads, as they think that the organic links have been graded on their merits, and therefore must be the best.

Naturally, website owners see the monetary value of being placed up high on the first page of Google- so they call on the seo services Melbourne provider. Search engine optimisation is a whole new world of its own- you can learn seo at one of the seo courses in Melbourne. If you like reading- and want information right now, find out more about this specialised process on the seo melbourne company web site, which has detailed articles and an informative seo blog with regular updates.

Search engine optimisation is not a one-shot event. It requires regular attention, like diet and exercise in a digital world. Persistent, consistent efforts pay off- and they pay well!

Let's look t the next piece of this online identity triptych.`

Design Your Website so People Can Use It

Your website needs to be designed with the growth of your business in mind- and attention to one important thing- the visitor experience for the end user. People look at websites, browse the internet and search on Google many times a day- using all types of devices.

We can create any type of "look" for you- but ultimately the purpose of a website is to help visitors find what they came looking for, and go through whatever you have defined as a conversion process.

Whether that means signing up for an email newsletter, buying a product, membership or simply agreeing to be contacted with more information- there needs to be a quantified end to the process so that you eventually get rewarded for your work!

It's worth the effort of having a reasonably un-savvy internet user test-drive your new website. Often someone who doesn't spend time online every day, will have a different approach to a seasoned internet user. Your website needs to pass the test when under the mouse or cursor of a person with a screen reader- the experience needs to be great for them too!

Read more about website design and the characteristics of good website development strategy, on the website development Melbourne website. It's got lots of articles and interesting reading. In particular, it will explain how to avoid the pitfalls of starting your first website, and what to look for in a hosting package!

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