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Melbourne Wedding Photographer Bio Page

A brief Melbourne wedding photographer bio tells a little about the thinking and methods behind the melbourne wedding phtogoraphy of Wilderness Images Studio. Hopefully this information will help you understand a little about why we capture the style of images we are known for and what influenced this unusual approach to wedding photography.

Photographer with an Eye for the Unusual

This unusual, definitive style of wedding photography which can be seen throughout this website as well as the main wedding photography melbourne web site of Pete Lorocco, goes back to beginnings over 30 years ago. Pete Lorocco had the opportunity to work alongside some great photographers of the day, who encouraged him to push the boundaries of what haf been already accepted as mainstream wedding photography throughout Melbourne. Pete considered that style of wedding photography dull and boring, and sought to shoot weddings for couples who were prepared to go the extra distance and create unique pieces of art for their walls at home, to be appreciated by generations to come.

Innovators of Today's Modern Wedding Photography

A long time before today's "trash the dress" shoots even had their beginnings, Pete was taking couples out on extraordinary location shoots their friends would never consider. This was in the time before any form of digital editing was even contemplated. The backgrounds were real, the cncepts were original and the people were ecstatic.

This wedding photography took place in an era when each click of the camera shutter cost $4. The cost of 120 format roll film, processing and strip-proofing meant that there had a to be a split-second decision made as to the worthiness of the image before it was captured. This cost didn't factor in equipment or any other cost. It was simply the cost in materials which was accrued each time the camera shutter was released.

Film Wedding Photography the Blind Leap of Faith

The film was manufactured, spooled and exposed. It was transported to the lab, meticulouslu handled and stringent parameters were applied during the C-41 color negative film process.

"Too many variables- too much risk" thought Pete, and so a thorough backup system was developed. Seperate film batches, running through seperate cameras, recorded key moments twice. One set of films was held over for processing until the first batch came back from the lab. Pete still remembers a call from the lab telling him of a shutter failure on the first wedding of three for the weekend.
"That's ok" he thought- "we have everything shot simultaneously on a second camera, we'll be fine".
And they were. Every image that was needed, was there. Nothing was missed

Discipline from the Era of Film

When there was no playback button, no massive buffer to just "spray and pray" as wedding phtogoraphers do today, the style of the day was more disciplined with an exacting attention to detail. Clients would bring magnifiers and inspect negatives for sharpness before paying for photography services. Pete doubts many pf today's photographers woud survive that level of scrutiny. "There was no Camera Raw file from which to rescue an image. If you missed the exposure, that was it" he says. "Wedding photography film stock had lattitude- but only a small amount of that lattitude sustained a really workable amount of tonal information within the negative. And if you scratched one of the negs, that image was virtually useless from that point on. So you had to be extremely careful in handling film.

Our wedding photography Melbourne web site, though incomplete will still give you an idea of some of our recent photography.

We use the very best of everything and take no chances! All our equipment is the best currently available, and we test every professional standard new release of equipment, and if it passes the test we upgrade. This ensures stunning wedding photography for you - no matter what the location, or time of day. Our wedding photography has adorned magazines (and front covers) countless web sites and most importantly - a huge list of satisfied clients all around Australia, from the coast to the outback.

Wedding Photography Melbourne Locations

Wedding Photography in Melbourne can include the use of locations such as cafes, restaurants, bars or building interiors. Some wedding photography Melbourne locations need a permit- this should be sought prior to the day, and we can guide you in the right direction with this, having cut through the red tape with a chainsaw, on previous occasions!

Rainy Day Wedding Photography in Melbourne

The rain means atmosphere - and reflections! The city is a wonderful place when it's wet. Shop awnings, sidewalk cafes and Melbourne city buildings all make for beautiful wedding photography in rainy weather. If the weather is absolutely torrential rain, we know of and regularly use a number of outstanding - and little known wedding photography locations within Melbourne.

Wedding Photos, Wedding Photography in Melbourne Australia

If you're having your wedding photography in Melbourne as an overseas visitor or newlyweds from elsewhere, we can give you a suggested list of locations to use so that your wedding photos reflect the style and culture that makes up beautiful Melbourne City. Whether you are an overseas visitor, or a local - contact us to receive information about our all inclusive hair, makeup and wedding photography Mlebourne packages and prices.

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