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Specials for 2014 Budget Wedding Photography

Wilderness Images Photography offers new customers some fantastic specials for wedding photography in 2014 and 2015. The offer is a limited offer- and will expire soon. The advertised coverage of $790 includes wedding photography at one location, such as a chapel, garden or reception venue. It covers time for photographing the groom before the wedding, the arrival of the bride with photos before walking down the aisle, the ceremony, as well as 90 minutes of photography after the ceremony. This comfortably allows for family photos, bridal party and newlywed portrait session, as well as creative photography, and reception room shots with the wedding cake and bridal table. No extra charge for travel to reach the ceremony location.

This is what you will receive:

  • all wedding photography on the day
  • a continuous 2.5 hour block of time
  • complete set of Camera RAW format digital negatives
  • complete set of high resolution, print optimised digital files
  • archiving and backup of your wedding photos in our fireproof vaults

At this price it's a bargain! Don't compare it to home hobby weekender photographers; that's not real wedding photography. The same applies to Facebook photographers- no street address, no real business- to be avoided!
They have no infrastructure, no systems for backup and very little real artistic flair in their work that could make you sit back and say "wow- what stunning photography".
It's better to learn this on another day- not with your wedding photos at risk.

If you're looking for the best wedding photographers in Melbourne to bring you unlimited images beautifully captured on this special day, our offer as featured above, can't be beaten.

Wedding Storyboards

We are the original creators and designers of the wedding photo storyboard. Since we developed the design, it has been copied and imitated by so many. The wedding storyboard original design provides a unique way of showing off a complete narrative snapshot of your day in one visually exciting piece of art on the wall. Weddings photographed in 2014 can have a storyboard for just $490! For more information, please visit the melbourne wedding photographers web site and browse to the "prices" page where you can see an example of a storyboard, fully finished.

Wedding Storyboards are normally $750 on their own- so you're saving $260 by taking advantage of the current offer!

Low Deposit for Booking

A very low initial deposit of just $100 secures your booking with us. We have the easiest terms of all the wedding photographers in Melbourne. Our policy is to not take any more money towards your package until 48 hrs prior to the wedding. If you cancel for any reason, we refund every cent of your deposit- even if you cancel on the day of the wedding. If you should shop around, it's important to ask about the deposit in the event of a cancellation; the answer you get will give you an insight into the wedding photography business, and whether or not they have your interest first.

For something different - wedding photography that is a little artsy - be sure to check out the Wedding Photographers Melbourne web site for more Artistic Melbourne Wedding Photos, taken in some amazing places, and reception venues!